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South Carolina Million Women Mentors

South Carolina Pledge Goal : 5,000


Congratulations to our Student Lead on the MWM SC Steering team, Lillie Catherine Hyman

of Lexington High School for being nationally recognized for the "Girls Living STEM" Award from the STEM Learning Ecosystems


Welcome to Million Women Mentors South Carolina!


Million Women Mentors South Carolina (MWM SC) is a movement connecting STEM stakeholders with girls and young women, through mentoring and collaboration with business, education, industry, military and non-profit organizations, to increase interest and confidence of young women to pursue and succeed in STEM education and careers.


To obtain equality for girls and young women in STEM education and careers in South Carolina.

Individual Mentor:

As an individual, you’ll get the chance to connect with and inspire a young woman at a critical time that can truly make a difference in the rest of her life.

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Corporate Partner:

As a leader in your company, getting your staff involved with the program helps ensure the skilled workforce your business will need for your future growth and success.

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If you are looking for a mentor please connect with one of our partner organizations.

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STEM is the work of tomorrow, and it is today's path to success. STEM employment is predicted to balloon by almost 17 percent between 2010 and 2020. So why aren't women pursuing STEM degrees and careers? Is it because they are not great at math? Are they disinterested in science? Of course not. Millions of girls and young women would earn STEM degrees and pursue STEM careers if they had one simple thing: encouragement.

ALREADY MENTORING? BE COUNTED! Million Women Mentors is a movement to encourage girls and young women to pursue STEM careers through mentoring by women and men. This website will allow you to record the mentoring you are already doing, and to connect to new mentoring opportunities. Please sign up to record the mentoring you have already done. If you're already to become a mentor?


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Use hashtag on tweet or post:   #MWMSC