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Join the Movement

Join as a Corporation​

State Leadership

Lead a state’s efforts to impact local communities through mentoring.

National Sponsorship

Support advancing the next million women and girls onto STEM pathways and demonstrate your commitment to women in STEM.

Employee Engagement

Launch or expand existing community-based employee mentoring for employees to be mentors in key locations.

Join as a State Volunteer​

State Leader

Serve as a leader (or co-leader) for the state effort and a liaison to the national effort to work with others across the state to support the national movement.

Steering Committee

Join the group of leaders across sectors who work to activate the movement in the state and find ways to connect the movement to existing and growing efforts to support girls and women in STEM.

Honorary Chair

As a state government leader, this role promotes the importance of mentoring to encourage more women and girls to participate in the STEM workforce and amplifies the efforts happening across the state at the state and national level.

Find a Mentoring Opportunity

Ready to jump in and find a mentoring opportunity in your community? By typing in your zip code, you will gain access to a list of constantly curated girl-serving organizations to partner with and be matched with a mentee.

Please note that Million Women Mentors does not directly match you with a mentee. Once you select an organization whose mission aligns to your preferences, you will reach out directly to the organization to be matched with your mentee.

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