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Who is STEMconnector®?

Who is Million Women Mentor's hosting company, STEMconnector®?

STEMconnector® is a consortium of over 150 companies, associations, academic institutions and government entities actively working to advance STEM education and the future of human capital. STEMconnector® is owned by Diversified Search, LLC. With several products and services, STEMconnector is both a resource and a service, designed to link “all things STEM.” STEMconnector®’s network includes organizations at the global, national, state and local levels, whose work spans the entire pipeline (Kindergarten to Jobs) and how STEM education experiences translate into careers. STEMconnector® has a particular emphasis on diversity and women.

What are some other efforts from STEMconnector®?

STEMconnector operates a number of initiatives that promote STEM education and careers. These include:

  • The STEMdaily newsletter: Each day, STEMdaily aggregates STEM related articles, events, and information into an easy to read format that is delivered to you!
  • The STEM Innovation Task Force: The SITF is comprised of over 30 industry, government, education, and non-profit leaders. The SITF has a grand vision of "Accelerating sustainable STEM careers and wealth through innovation science and excellence in tomorrow’s new economy.” The task force will accomplish their agenda of developing STEM human capital through a number of high powered working groups that focus on certain priority areas of STEM innovation, including the STEM Career Accelerator Day, STEM 2.0, and the Global STEM Talent Summit.
  • The STEM Higher Education Council: The STEMconnector® STEM Higher Education Council (SHEC) mission is to bring focused energy to Higher Education’s leading high impact practices, increasing the emphasis on STEM pipeline-to-jobs (and what is called STEM 2.0). SHEC will inventory and integrate current efforts whenever possible, building on the energy of others in support of boundary-breaking collaborations between higher education (two and four year institutions) and industry to achieve significant results that can be recognized and scaled-up.
  • The STEM Food and Ag Council: The STEM Food and Ag Council (SFAC) is a unique membership group coordinated by STEMconnector® with the goal of engaging the next generation in STEM careers in the Food & Agricultural industries. The Council has the bold vision of developing the requisite human capital that will drive the innovation to feed 9 billion people by 2050. The SFAC convenes the key players from industry, non-profits, higher education and government in order to maximize impact through collective action to engage America’s youth, educators and parents and, inspire and nurture them in their discovery and pursuit of STEM Food & Agriculture careers.

Getting Involved with Million Women Mentors

How can individuals get involved?

Individuals can get involved by pledging to mentor on the Million Women Mentors website. Once an individual creates their account, they can make a pledge and then connect with mentee serving organizations to fulfill their pledge. To learn more, please refer to the Pledges and Be Counted! Campaign section.

How can companies get involved?

Companies can get involved by signing up on the Million Women Mentors website as a mentor-providing organization. Once you have created an account, you can set a pledge goal for the entire company. Each company has a point person designated to the account that can manage the company’s mentoring efforts through the website. Companies are also provided an employee PIN that they can share with their employees. Employees who sign up with this PIN and complete mentoring will be included in the company's Be Counted! metric and count towards the overall pledge goal. Another way that companies can get involved is by recording the mentoring they are already doing as part of the Be Counted! Campaign. Companies can enter in how many mentors participated, how many completed 20 hours of mentoring, and how many mentees they worked with through the “BE COUNTED! Report Your Successful Mentoring" button on the Account Home page. Companies can also choose to become an MWM corporate sponsor, giving them additional benefits and ways to be more involved in the growth of the Million Women Mentors Initiative. Interested companies can contact us at

How can non-profits get involved?

Non-profit organizations that have a strong focus on advancing women and girls in STEM careers through mentoring are encouraged to create an account on the Million Women Mentors website as a Non-profit, Educational or other Organization looking for mentors. Once the account is created, non-profits can use the portal to request mentors for their organization. Nation-wide non-profits that are directly involved with STEM mentoring for girls can also choose to become an MWM Partner, giving them additional benefits and ways to be more involved in the growth of the Million Women Mentors Initiative. Please refer to the section below titled How do I become a partner?. Interested organizations can contact us at

How can a state get involved?

The Million Women Mentors team has worked to build state teams organized in the form of state leaders supported by MWM State Steering Committees. The State Steering Committees are encouraged to create and fulfill state level pledge goals, as well as connect STEM focused non-profit organizations and employers based in that state. Each state selects a leader or two who serves as a liaison to the national MWM team. State leaders participate on a monthly call where they share best practices and are presented strategies on growing the movement within their states. The national MWM team provides a state leader account to each state, which allows them to track their efforts, connect with MWM affiliated partners and sponsors within the state, and pull reports on the progress of the state effort. If you are interested in state involvement, please contact our Senior Advisor and National States Chair Sheila Boyington at

What is the difference between a sponsor and a partner?

A Million Women Mentors sponsor is an organization that provides funding to support the national effort. An MWM partner is a national organization, typically a non-profit, that is has mentees and would like mentors for their girls/women, or provides mentors. These organizations have been recognized as a reliable and responsible by MWM. Sponsorship allows MWM to provide you with mentoring resources tailored to meet your needs for no additional cost. Currently, MWM has three sponsorship levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Companies that are looking to play a more active role in MWM by being a part of the Leadership Council should consider becoming a sponsor at the Platinum or Gold level. This gives companies the opportunity to contribute in the shape and direction of MWM, as well as branding and thought leadership opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a MWM corporate sponsor, please contact us at

How do I become a sponsor?

Currently we have three sponsorship levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Companies and organizations that are interested in playing an active role in the MWM initiative as a part of our Leadership Council should explore becoming a sponsor of MWM. Sponsors are plugged into the vast and diverse ecosystem created by MWM’s existing sponsors and partners. With your investment in MWM you will have the opportunity to: Convene and share best practices with other sponsors during the Leadership Calls and various other events, Consult with us to create your own mentoring plan/program based on your goals, Collaborate with other sponsors, partners, and us to create unique programs and initiatives which will help alleviate women and girls in STEM fields, Champion girls and women in STEM through various co-branding and thought leadership opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a MWM corporate sponsor, please us at

How do I become a MWM Partner?

We invite all mentor and mentee providing non-profit organizations to create an account and use our web portal for their mentoring needs. However, in order to become an MWM National Partner, we require potential partners to be:

  • Girl and women serving organizations 
  • Focused significantly on STEM 
  • Engaged nationwide
Being an MWM Partner will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other MWM partners and sponsors to further the collective goal of empowering women in STEM. Partners will also have the opportunity to co-brand with us on various programs and publications and be given priority inclusion for potential speaking opportunities. If you are interested in joining our network of partners, please contact us at


Why is MWM focusing on girls and women in STEM?

Focusing on girls and women is a crucial move that must be made now for future human capital and to ensure America’s competitiveness in the global economy. Moreover, girls and women are less likely to work in STEM fields compared to their male counterparts. In fact, women make up only 24% of the STEM workforce, compared to almost 50% of the general workforce(1). The good news is that women in STEM careers earn 92 cents for every dollar male-STEM counterparts earn, versus just 77 cents on average in other fields(1). Additionally, 71% of jobs in 2018 will require STEM skills, and without including women it will be impossible to find the human capital to fill these jobs.

Can men be mentors too?

Absolutely! Both men and women can be skills-based mentors with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math.

What is the minimum mentoring time commitment?

As a best practice, we request that each mentor spend 20 hours working with their mentee(s) over the course of one year. These can be a combination of face-to-face, online, telephone, email or other types of interactions. However, the organization you are mentoring through may have other time and resource commitments for their program.

Can I count mentoring that I am already doing or have done in the past? Do I report my mentoring when I mentor again in the future?

Yes! Million Women Mentors encourages mentors to count all mentoring that they are currently doing or have completed since 2014. This will be part of our Be Counted! Campaign. Please refer to the Pledges and Be Counted! section of the FAQ for further information. If you continue to mentor more in the next year, we encourage you to log back in to your account and report additional mentoring in the Be Counted! Campaign.

What are the recommended pathways for mentoring? Can I mentor online or over the phone?

Yes! Million Women Mentors counts five different types of mentoring:

  • Face to face mentoring that includes a skills-based component and can include competitions.
  • Online mentoring through platforms like Skype, Google Hangout, Lync, MentorNet, email, etc.
  • Paid internships or apprenticeships with a designated mentor for high school and college students or returning veterans.
  • Workplace mentoring of your company's female employees.
  • Sponsorship by helping a young woman with key introductions for opportunities, networking, job interviews, internships and promotions.

How do I find a mentee?

You can find girls and women to mentor by searching our database of non-profit organizations that serve girls and young women in your community. Once you have created an account from our homepage, you will be able to see mentor opportunities within your area, as well as non-profit organizations you can reach out to.

How do I find a mentor?

If you are looking for a mentor, MWM suggests that you contact organizations that serves girls and women in STEM in your area, such as Girls Inc., Black Girls Code, Science Olympiad, Techbridge, and more. You can find organizations in your area through our website by entering your zipcode in the "Find a Mentoring Opportunity" section on our homepage. At this time we do not offer one-to-one mentor matching to ensure the best mentoring experience for mentees and mentor through our esteemed partners.

Getting an Account

What do I need to do to sign up?

Signing up for an account on the MWM portal is easy! 1. Go to 2. Scroll down to “Get Started Now”. 3. Choose whether you are signing up as a. an individual b. a corporation/college/organization that has multiple mentors c. a non-profit/educational/other organization looking for mentors 4. Click on “Get Started” link under the appropriate option. You will be re-directed to the corresponding registration page. Here, please enter the required information and click “Register” option located on the bottom right of the page. 5. For companies and mentor-providing organizations: After completing your profile, you can either manage your mentoring through this one account or allow your employees to manage their mentoring themselves. To do this you will send your custom sign-up link which will link them to your company during sign-up. 6. For non-profits and mentee-providing organizations: While creating your profile make sure to enter the description of your mentor needs in your profile. This will ensure that potential mentees are matched with the ideal mentor who can guide them most effectively.

What information can others access through the portal?

Registered mentee-providing organizations can be searched for and found by any visitor to the web portal. Registered individual mentors and mentor-providing organizations (such as registered companies) can only be found by registered non-profit/mentee-providing organizations, but not by the general public or registered individuals. This way, mentee-providing organizations can approach individual and group-affiliated mentors, while maintaining the relative privacy of mentor contact information. There is also the option to allow mentoring leaders from state teams contact you.

Pledges and Be Counted! Campaign

What is a pledge?

A pledge is an agreement made by either an individual, a company, or an organization to become part of the “million” mentors. One pledge represents one mentor committing at least 20 hours over the course of the next year to a girl or woman interested in STEM.

How do I enter a pledge?

To make a pledge as an individual you simply need to create an account and fill the appropriate box. Since one pledge equals one mentor, and individual will be entered as a single pledge to mentor by default. Companies and other organizations will be able to enter a goal of multiple pledges, which individuals working in that group can link to through the account PIN to have their mentoring counted for their organization.

What is the Be Counted! Campaign and how do I report my Be Counted! numbers?

The Be Counted! Campaign aims to aggregate and amplify the STEM mentoring for girls and women that is already going on. Individuals/organizations/corporations are able to record the mentoring they are already doing or have done since 2014 within the Million Women Mentors web portal. There are just three steps and your mentoring efforts will Be Counted! 1. Click on the Be Counted! link from our homepage. This will prompt you to either sign in if you have an account, or sign up for an account. 2. Fill out information regarding the mentoring you are doing or have done in the past. 3. Congratulations! You have been counted!

What is the difference between a pledge and the Be Counted! Campaign?

A pledge is a commitment made by an individual/company/organization saying they will mentor a girl or woman in STEM. One pledge equals one 20-hour mentoring relationship. The Be Counted! Campaign records mentoring relationships that have already been completed by a company or individual.