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About Million Women Mentors


Million Women Mentors is a movement to spark the interest and confidence of girls and women to pursue and succeed in STEM careers and leadership opportunities through the power of mentoring. 

Research shows that individuals with mentors have improved academic, social, and economic prospects. For women in STEM fields, this becomes increasingly important as young women look to role models to help them gain their confidence and increase their opportunities, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and math careers where women remain grossly underrepresented. Million Women Mentors directly connects member corporations to a constantly curated list of local girl-serving mentee organizations, leveraging tried and true resources and activation kits to help companies build their mentoring programs. 

Rooted in local programs but tied to a national movement, MWM connects mentors to a network of over 1000 volunteers across 40+ active states and multiple context-specific initiatives. By taking local mentoring initiatives and connecting them to a nationwide and global movement, MWM proves that change comes from efforts on the ground with an overall shared mission and approach. 

The Movement

MWM works to: 

  • Lead a call to action for corporations to join MWM and capture metrics around girls and young women in STEM.
  • Provide a turnkey platform with activation kits and a resource index to help corporations kickstart community mentoring programs 
  • Match participating corporations to scaled non-profit partners and educational institutions in need of STEM mentors and role models.
  • Build and support state teams to execute MWM at the local level.
  • Recognize best practices and "who is doing what" in mentoring girls and women in STEM.


Denielle Pemberton-Heard

Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Szofer

Senior Director, Communications & Partnerships

Alexa Gitler

Manager, Communications

Sheila Boyington

National States Chair

Dane Boyington

Senior Advisor, Technology

"Million Women Mentors, we ought to be able to make some progress with this… Thank you for what you are doing, as we encourage and challenge our young women in STEM fields. This is how we're going to be making a difference, and this is how we're going to be translating into the future with our women leaders."


"I know the importance of strong women mentors in my own life. Congratulations to the Million Women Mentors for their efforts to give young women interested in science and technology the support they need to be successful in these careers!"


"We all should mentor a young person, and in turn that young person will become a mentor for another. It's that simple. You have the opportunity to offer anything and everything."


"As women who have accomplished so much, we have to look behind us and pull the women on the next rung of the ladder up with us. We have the time, we have the opportunity and that's what encouraging girls in STEM is all about… I am proud to sponsor legislation this year, to make sure that we can encourage young girls and underrepresented minorities to enter the STEM fields."


"Women right now make up about 48% of the workforce, which we all appreciate but only 24% make up the STEM workforce and what's so critical is that those jobs pay more…In New Hampshire alone by the year 2018 we are going to have 43,000 STEM jobs available… All kids do not learn the same way, and it is important that children have mentors."


"The connection for me with STEM, is our workforce…Almost half the workforce in New Hampshire is female, this has long been a tradition…40% of American families are now lead by a female breadwinner, she is the primary source of income… What we are participating in with this movement [Million Women Mentors] is myth busting, so that policy makers can become more aware of the demographics in our communities…"


Denielle Pemberton-Heard

Chief Executive Officer, STEMconnector

Ashley Szofer

Senior Director Communications & Partnerships, STEMconnector

Sheila Boyington

National States Chair, MWM

Dane Boyington

Technology Co-Chair, MWM

Alexa Gitler

Manager Communications, STEMconnector